We design the user experience of digital services, such as websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications.

Hillsborough Independent Panel – an example of our work

Image of Hillsborough Independent Panel websiteThe website of the Hillsborough Independent Panel was developed to support the publication of the Panel’s examination of the Hillsborough disaster.

Jones Olson was engaged by the Panel’s Secretariat to design the user experience of the website, realise this as a visual design, and ensure the site’s copy was straightforward and accessible.

Our blog post describes the approach we took to the design of this site’s user experience.

What we do

Customer and user understanding

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to fully understand the digital service’s current and potential users.

Some key features

User focus, stakeholder support

While focusing on users and their requirements, we use stakeholder engagement to win support for the digital services we design.

Requirements elicitation

We elicit user requirements, focusing on tasks, using rapid, frequent prototyping to stimulate, innovate and validate.

Frequent prototyping

Prototyping facilitates requirements elicitation and tests potential solutions before expensive implementation.

User experience design

We design user experiences that blueprint digital services proven – through the use of assessment – to help users fulfil their tasks.

What we work on

  • Websites.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Enterprise applications, including Intranets.